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Eyes on Potential Storm Late Next Week

The beginning of next week will bring a welcome break from rain and sleet and snow and ice. It doesn't appear that the break will last all that long, however, as a cross country storm looks to sweep across the nation.

The storm will come into the United States through the very storm weary California and then sweep right through the middle of the country. Once the storm enters the Atlantic Ocean, there is a possibility of the storm staying well to the south, but chances are greater at this time that the storm will track northward and develop into a coastal storm for New England. It does not appear that it will be a nor'easter as winds will come out of the southeast.

As of right now, the storm's track is likely to make this yet another winter rain maker for much of New England. As of Saturday evening, I give southern New England a 65% of seeing rain and 35% of seeing snow. Under current projections, only the higher elevations of New Hampshire and Maine will see snow. Even the mountain towns will likely see a mix transition to rain. Northern New England's rain chance is currently 55% with snow making up the other 45%.

Of course, this early out, there is still a lot to be determined as far as the track is concerned. If the storm tracks further to the west after working up the east coast, snow will be more widespread across the region.

Should the storm make it to New England, it will likely begin on Friday with the bulk of the storm coming in Friday night and slowly winding down throughout the day Saturday. We'll continue to monitor this storm as it develops and enters the country.



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