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How Much? New England Snow Totals March 4, 2023

Some parts of New England overachieved while other areas underachieved during our latest snowstorm. This was a tricky forecast with some models off the charts with snowfall (I'm looking at you, GFS) and others were showing not much at all.

This was especially true around Boston. Some outlets were calling for up to 6 inches in the city (GFS was showing close to a FOOT). New England Storm Center called for 1-3 inches in the city, which was much closer to the 0.4 inches Logan Airport picked up. As for the overachievers, in my forecast on Thursday evening, I wrote:

"Exactly where this occurs will remain to be seen, but somewhere in southern Vermont and/or New Hampshire will overachieve."

This area set up a bit further north than I thought it would, but places like Paris, ME; Belmont, ME; South Tamworth, NH; Addison, VT and Maidstone, VT all picked up 15-17 inches. Here's the final totals from across the region:


Ashfield 12.1 inches

Rowe 11.8 inches

Hawley 11 inches

Buckland 9.5 inches

Ashburnham 9.3 inches

Shelburne 9 inches

Westminster 8.7 inches

Plainfield 8.6 inches

Ashby 8.4 inches

Chester 8 inches

Conway 8 inches

Pepperell 7.5 inches

Townsend 7 inches

Haverhill 6 inches

Methuen 5.5 inches

Barre 5 inches

Worcester 4.3 inches

Amesbury 3.5 inches

Andover 3 inches

Lowell 3 inches

Stoneham 2 inches

Dover 2 inches

Dighton 1 inch

Boston 0.4 inches


Granby 6 inches

Staffordville 5.1 inches

Rockville 3.5 inches

North Canton 3 inches

Pomfret 3 inches

Bristol 2 inches


Burrillville 4 inches

Smithfield 3.5 inches

Glocester 1.8 inches

Greenville 1.6 inches

Coventry 1.5 inches

West Warwick 1 inch

Richmond 1 inch


South Paris 17 inches

Belmont 17 inches

Manchester 14.4 inches

Hartford 14 inches

South China 13.5 inches

Lisbon Falls 13 inches

Liberty 13 inches

Cumberland 12.5 inches

Washington 12.5 inches

Lewiston 12.2 inches

North Windham 12 inches

Madrid 11.8 inches

Shapleigh 11.7 inches

Hope 11.5 inches

Gray 11.3 inches

Falmouth 10.6 inches

Gardiner 10.5 inches

Farmingdale 10.2 inches

Rockland 10 inches

Portland 8.5 inches

Cape Elizabeth 4 inches


South Tamworth 16 inches

Freedom 13.8 inches

Wolfeboro 11.5 inches

Newport 10.3 inches

Northwood 10.2 inches

Thornton 10 inches

Sanbornton 10 inches

New Boston 10 inches

Bristol 9.8 inches

Tilton 9.4 inches

Meredith 9 inches

Epsom 8.5 inches

Francestown 8.5 inches

Henniker 8.4 inches

Concord 7.5 inches

Portsmouth 7.1 inches

Dover 7 inches


Maidstone 15.8 inches

Addison 15 inches



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