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Rain Storm For Many Late Week; Snow For Northern Spots

The Thursday through Saturday storm will put New England on the "warm side" of the storm system as the low pressure will move right across New England. This will allow a warm front to move through New England during the bulk of the storm. A south wind will pull mild air into the region, making this mainly a rain event for the entire region.

A secondary low looks to form by the coast Friday evening, which could cause showers to linger into Saturday and Saturday night. The National Weather Service states:

"There remains some question as to how long the wet weather sticks around; all guidance eventually develops a secondary low along the frontal boundary offshore but there is disagreement as to whether is moves quickly northeast leaving the weekend dry or if it lingers and keeps wet weather around through Saturday."

The main impacts from this weather complex will last from Thursday afternoon through Saturday night.


This storm will be another winter washout, with any question as to accumulating snow in the region now out of the question. This will be a rain event. Despite that, some mixing and snow showers are possible across central and western Massachusetts at the very start early Thursday afternoon. This will switch to rain quickly. Heavy rain is possible across the area, with a widespread 0.5 to 1.5 inches of rain expected through Friday night.

There will be gusty winds associated with the storm, with gusts up to 35mph possible. This will create a windswept rain, but it is not strong enough for any kind of damage. Overall, this system will cause a very wet Friday and slow down traffic, but will likely not cause too much trouble.


Thursday: Showers in the afternoon, some brief mixing possible

Thursday night: Steady rain picking up overnight

Friday: Rain, dry slot possible Friday afternoon

Friday night: Showers on and off through the night

Saturday: Morning showers

Saturday night: Light rain and snow showers near the coast


This storm will be primarily a rain maker across most of northern New England. The storm will start as a mix and snow on Thursday afternoon across the higher elevations. Coastal areas of northern New England will be rain from start to end. The further north you go, the longer snow will linger, which, naturally, will lead to more accumulations. 1-3 inches of snow is possible across the White and Green mountains. 3-6 inches is possible across northern Maine. 6-10 inches is possible across the far reaches of northern Maine, near Caribou. Rainfall will be a widespread 0.5 to 1.5 inches.


Thursday: Mix and snow showers in the afternoon will transition to rain from south to north

Thursday night: Rain, mixing in northern areas will transition to rain, northern Maine remains snow

Friday: Rain, mainly in the morning, even northern Maine switches to rain by afternoon

Friday night: Showers transitioning to a mix of rain and snow, will remain all rain showers near the coast

Saturday: Snow showers, mainly in the morning

Saturday night: Rain and snow showers linger in spots



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