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Storm to Impact Coastal New England Sunday

As one storm exits, another is right on its heels. That has been the theme of New England's weather for the better part of a month now. This time, the storm is a coastal one, which means New England will be on the 'cold side'. Colder air will also be in place, however, the storm is forecast to stay well offshore. This means only the outer edge will likely clip the region. The main impacts will be felt across coastal areas, especially eastern Massachusetts

Since the storm is far out to sea, snowfall amounts will not be very high, but there could be enough to create slick roads and break out the plows on Cape Cod. Another issue for Cape Cod will be strong winds. Winds in this storm will very likely be stronger than what the area felt from the previous storm. Gusts up to 55mph are possible Sunday into Monday.

The exact precipitation type is still in question, with the potential for snow, mixing or rain showers. Very cold air will be in place inside the storm, which will favor snowfall, but mixing is still likely, especially right near the coastline. The low pressure is expected to take on a slight negative tilt, which is an upper level system that is tilted to the west. This can be a sign of a developing or strengthening storm. Despite this, precipitation is expected to remain rather light, as the storm will remain well offshore. An issue with forecasting is that there will very likely be a sharp cutoff from where precipitation will fall. The NWS states this about Sunday:

"This area of dry air is apparent on soundings and water vapor sim satellite, and could prove to bring the mountains and portions of western New England an almost cloud free day."



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