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About NESC

New England Storm Center is an independent weather blog created and managed by Timothy Dennis. At New England Storm Center, you will find comprehensive storm coverage, in depth forecasts, weather history and analysis and more. No one covers the weather in New England like NESC. With our forecasts, you won't just find out what the weather will be, you'll find out WHY the weather will be the way it is. 

About Timothy Dennis

I'm a weather enthusiast who was born and raised here in New England. All my life I have been fascinated by the weather. While many people just want to know what the weather will be, I always wanted to know why the weather was the way it is, which is why I began NESC. I have a passion for documenting and compiling weather history. In my time on NESC, I have created both the New England and American snowstorm halls of fame, the New England tornado database and I'm currently writing a book covering the complete history of tropical cyclones in New England.

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