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Forecast disclaimer

I, Timothy Dennis, the founder and owner of New England Storm Center (NESC), am not a meteorologist. I am a weather enthusiast that loves to share and document weather events in our  region. For weather forecasts, I use multiple resources including, but not limited to, major weather models (ECMWF, GFS, CMC, ICON and JMA), National Weather Service and Weather Prediction Center. As with any weather forecast on any platform, there is the possibility for an inaccurate forecast. I am not responsible for any decisions made based on forecasts provided on this site. As we all know, weather forecasts can be wrong, even when they come from the very best meteorologists in the business. Weather forecasts on this site will be inaccurate from time to time. I am very diligent about providing the most accurate forecast based on the latest data, but I am a human like you, I will make mistakes. Whenever, a forecast that I provide turns out to be inaccurate, I try to do a write up about what actually happened and what caused the forecast inaccuracy. I can't be held responsible for an inaccurate forecast on this site or any forecasts we put on or the NewBreak app, just like,,,, etc. can't be held responsible for inaccurate forecasts on their sites. The weather is very complex and can be very difficult to decipher. My personal goal is to learn at least one new item about the weather during every weather event that passes through our region. 

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