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New England Weather History 

At New England Storm Center, we have a passion for documenting and preserving detailed records of weather history in our region. This has led to multiple large projects compiling storm history for New England. From snowstorms to hurricanes to tornadoes, here's New England's long history with various types of storms. 


New England's biggest snowstorms. This is a collection of New England's most notorious snowstorms and blizzards, listed by the highest confirmed snowfall report of the storm. 

The New England Tornado Database keeps a record of New England tornadoes. The database contains statistics dating back to 1950, when the National Weather Service officially began keeping records of tornadoes. The database also contains a log of every single tornado to touch down in New England since 2008.


Tropical New England


Here are the biggest and most famous (or infamous) snowstorms in American History. The storms are listed by the maximum amount of snow the storm dropped in a populated place.

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