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"Significant" Flooding Has Occurred in Hartford & Providence Areas

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

A major flash flooding event has taken place across Connecticut and Rhode Island this afternoon. This includes the Hartford and Providence Metro areas. A line of very heavy thunderstorms began to move through the area around midday. The storms began to train, leading to the same areas seeing prolonged periods of heavy rain.

The Hartford and Providence Metro areas have seen upwards of three inches of rain this afternoon. This is in addition to the 3-6 inches of rain that have fallen over the past few days. The National Weather Service reported just after 1 pm:

"Trained weather spotters reported thunderstorms producing heavy rain. There is significant flooding in the Hartford metropolitan area right now. Several cars are stuck in flooding on Scarborough street and the road is being closed due to the flooding. There are also other streets where cars are are stuck in street flooding in the Hartford area. Between 3 and 6 inches of rain have fallen in the last 48 hours."

Photos from NBC Connecticut showing Stafford and West Hartford:

The West Hartford Fire Department responded to several vehicles stuck in flash flooding. Many roads have been closed due to flooding in Hartford and across Connecticut. Significant flooding was also reported in Stafford, Connecticut with nearly a foot of water over an intersection.

Similar scenes played out in Providence, Rhode Island as sudden and prolonged downpours stranded motorists across the city and forced roads to be shut down.

A kayaker was seen on the Pleasant Valley Parkway, which was reported to have several feet of water over it. May Street in the city was reported to have over two feet of water over it. A snowplow was also seen clearing water from streets. Residents were seen scooping water out of their cars.

The storms also caused wind damage. Over 10,000 customers lost power this afternoon across Connecticut, Rhode Island and the South Shore of Massachusetts. Tree and wire damage has been reported. Two children were injured by a falling tree in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Reports of flooding to a lesser extent have also been reported across New Hampshire.

The storms have moved away and all flash flood warnings have expired.



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