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How Much? New England Snow Totals November 9, 2023

A weak, fast-moving storm brought much of New Hampshire and Vermont their first snowfalls of the season. Snowfall was very light, as expected, with no more than a few inches falling. Here are the totals:


Northfield 3 inches

Tilton 3 inches

Dover 2.5 inches

Belmont 2.3 inches

Meredith 2 inches

Bristol 2 inches

Laconia 2 inches

Barrington 1.5 inches

Canterbury 1.4 inches

Rochester 1.3 inches

Wolfeboro 1 inch


St. Johnsbury 2.4 inches

Essex Center 2.2 inches

Winooski 2.2 inches

Burlington 2 inches

Essex Junction 2 inches

Colchester 2 inches

Hardwick 1.5 inches

Woodstock 1.5 inches

Bridport 1.4 inches

Rochester 1 inch


Berwick 1.8 inches

Wells 1 inch


2 commentaires

William V
William V
14 nov. 2023

Hey Tim, How much snow should we expect in the Merrimack Valley this winter with regard to the "Strong" El Nino I keep hearing about?

Tim Dennis
Tim Dennis
15 nov. 2023
En réponse à

Strong El-Nino typically favors above average temperatures in New England and has historically led to below-average snowfall. There are factors at play that favor nor'easter development. I think southern New England will likely see near to slightly below average snowfall, with most of it falling during a strong storm or two with longer stretches of more mild weather. Southern New England could see a winter similar to last year with the "messy mix" type of storms bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain. We published an article going into El-Nino and this winter here:

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