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December 2023 New England Cyclone...As it Happened

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Live coverage of this storm has ended

12/21 6:56pm: The latest developments from the storm:

12/21 9:54am: The USGS is on the ground in Maine. They have determined this storm is likely the second worst flooding event in many places of the state.

This has been described as a 1-in-100 year flooding event.

12/21 9:10am: Power outage & flood update:

About 138,000 remain without power in Maine. Central Maine Power expects "vast majority" of customers restored by Saturday night. Versant expects to have more restoration details later today. 19 river gauges remain in flood stage this morning.

12/20 10:14pm: Nightly power outage update:

Heading into tonight, about 148,700 remain without power across New England, with a vast majority in Maine.

Also, 23 river gauges remain in flood stage across all six New England states. No rivers are at major flood stage and two remain at moderate flood stage (Kennebec River at Hallowell and Pawtuxet River at Cranston)

12/20 6:36pm: The 4th fatality in New England has been confirmed after two were swept away by floodwaters in Maine.

Search continues for the second individual.

12/20 11:37am: Wednesday midday headlines:

12/20 9:24am: IT CONTINUES: Some residents in Casco, Maine are being evacuated this morning.

Casco joins Auburn, Lewiston, Lisbon, Augusta and Fairfield with evacuation orders due to flooding.

12/19 11:09pm: Nightly power outage update:

New England stands at about 331,400 outages with Maine standing at just over 289,000 as of 11pm.

Also, 34 river gauges remain at flood stage heading into tonight.The Kennebec River in ME & Pawtuxet River in RI remain at major flood stage.

12/19 9:10pm: Residents in parts of Libson and Auburn, Maine have been asked to evacuate.

This comes after a section of Lewiston had to evacuate earlier this evening.

12/19 6:46pm: Here are Tuesday evening's storm headlines:

12/19 5:34pm: Many rivers have crested or are falling this evening across New England. The Kennebec River in Maine continues to be the main pressure point.

12/19 11:44am: Here's some headlines heading into midday Tuesday:

-Across New England, 44 river gauges are in flood stage, including 8 in moderate flood stage and 6 in major flood stage. Of the six in major flood stage, 4 appear to have crested. The two that are still rising are the Kennebec River in North Sidney and Hallowell, Maine and the Pautuxet River in Cranston, Rhode Island.

-As of 11:30am, about 554,500 customers remain without power across New England. This includes about 410,000 in Maine and 111,000 in Massachusetts. This is down from a peak of about 743,000 yesterday.

-Also, Cranmore, Attitash Mountain Resort, Loon Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, Waterville Valley Resort and Sunday River are closed today due to storm damage.

12/19 11:08am: Not to get lost in yesterday's wild weather, a handful of cities across all six states set new daily record highs for December 18.

12/19 9:43am: Six rivers in New England are currently at major flood stage.

These are the Sandy River at Mercer, ME; Androscoggin River at Rumford, ME; Kennebec River at Hallowell, ME; Lamoille River at Jeffersonville, VT; Winooski River at Essex Junction, VT and Pawtuxet River at Cranston, RI.

12/19 8:24am: Here's the latest developments from yesterday's storm:

12/18 11:16pm: Impressive numbers from this storm.

As of 11pm, just over 648,000 in New England are without power heading into the overnight.

12/18 10:11pm: River roundup heading into the overnight:

-Some rivers have crested while others continue to rise

-52 river gauges in New England are at flood stage, including 9 at moderate flood stage and 3 at major flood stage.

-Rivers at, or expected to reach major flood stage are the Androscoggin River at Rumford, ME; Saco River at Conway, NH; Lamoille River at Johnson, VT & Pawtuxet River in Cranston, RI

-The Swift River at Roxbury, ME reached record levels. The Ammonoosuc River at Bethlehem, NH came within 0.2 feet of an all-time high crest Woonasquatucket River at Centerdale, RI came within 1 foor of an all-time crest

12/18 9:51pm: Some rivers continue to rise tonight while others have crested and are now falling.

Swift River at Roxbury & Piscataquis River at Blanchard have reached record levels. Ammonoosuc River at Bethlehem came within 0.2 feet of record levels. Woonsquatucket River at Centerdale came within 1 foot of record levels.

12/18 9:36pm: The Swift River at Roxbury in Maine crested at an all-time high earlier today.

12/18 8:59pm: A third fatality from a falling treehas been announced. This fatality occurred in Maine.

12/18 8:37pm: New England is seeing quite a maze of flood warnings this evening. Numerous rivers are at flood stage.

12/18 8:12pm: Here's our recap of today's events from wind damage to flooding to coastal impacts to a historic power outage:

12/18 6:49pm: The storm has turned fatal as deaths have been confirmed due to falling trees in Massachusetts and Maine.

12/18 5:21pm: Heading into this evening, 743,000 customers across New England have no power as the storm begins to pull away.

Maine leads the way with about 400,000 followed by Massachusetts with 243,000.

12/18 5:03pm: Rivers across New England have flooded, below shows gauges that are currently in flood stage or expected to reach flood stage. The Yantic River in Yantic, CT is in MAJOR flood stage. 3 other rivers in New England are expected to reach major stage.

12/18 11:44am: Monday Midday storm update:

-About 383,500 are without power across New England as of 11:30am. Massachusetts accounts for about 180,000 of them. Power outage numbers will continue to heavily fluctuate all day.

-Highest reported wind gust so far is 68mph in Barrington, RI

-Logan Airport has grounded all departing flights through at least noon.

-A rare hurricane force wind warning is in effect for coastal waters off Downeast Maine.

-Multiple inches of rain has fallen across New England, flood warnings and flash flood warnings remain in effect.

-Multiple river gauges across all 6 states are in flood stage; a dozen gauges are expected to reach moderate flood stage.

-Coastal flooding has begun in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay.

12/18 11:08am: Logan Airport has grounded all deaprtured through at least noon.

12/18 11:06am: Coastal Flooding has begun around Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. We're about 45 minutes from high tide.

These shots are from live cams around the bay:

12/18 10:43am: A rare hurricane-force wind warning has been issued for the coastal waters off of Downeast Maine.

12/18 9:51am: The flood advisory across southern and central New Hampshire has been upgraded to a FLOOD WARNING.

Flash flood warnings remain in effect for the White and Maine Mountains, along with coastal counties of Connecticut.

12/18 9:44am: Rivers across New England have begun to rise rapidly.

Here are river gauges from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts:

12/18 9:35am: Numerous roads across New England are closed this morning thanks to wind damage and flooding.

Scenes like this can be seen across New England this morning. This was in Marlborough, CT earlier this morning:

12/18 9:10am: New England is now seeing just over 283,000 outages as strong winds continue as of 9am.

A westward trend in the storm has led to the wind field being pushed further inland.

12/18 8:50am: A FLOOD WARNING has been issued for the Connecticut River Valley in southern New England.

FlASH FLOOD WARNINGS have also been extended eastward across Connecticut's coastal counties.

12/18 8:44am: A large FLOOD ADVISORY has been issued for southern and central New Hampshire, as well as southwest Maine.

12/18 7:57am: A FLASH FLOOD WARNING is in effect through 10:45am for Fairfield county in Connecticut.

Another bout of heavy rain is approaching Connecticut. This will also likely bring a wave a strong to damaging wind gusts.

12/18 7:32am: Over 120,000 outages have already occurred across New England so far this morning.

12/18 7:16am: A handful of rivers across New England are expected to reach flood stage by Tuesday morning.

This includes 8 gauges expected to reach noderate flood stage.

12/18 6:58am: A FLASH FLOOD WARNING remains in effect through 2pm across the White and Maine mountains.

12/17 6:34pm: Here's a look at alerts and what to expect coming into this storm:

You've reached the beginning of this storm's live updates



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