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Here We Go Again...Another Storm Crosses New England

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Live coverage of this storm has ended

1/26 5:49pm: Flood warnings remain in effect for the Pawtuxet River at Cranston and Westerly, RI; Wood River at Hope Valley, RI; Taunton River near Bridgewater, MA. This will very likely remain in effect through the weekend. Minor flooding at these spots is possible.

1/26 1:35pm: Winds will remain gusty throughout the afternoon and into the evening. This could result in a few more isolated outages across the region.

1/26 11:42am: The main storm system is exiting Maine, lingering snow showers will continue through the afternoon in the higher elevations of northern New England.

1/26 9:53am: Storm is very quick to exit. Mostly sunny skies are seen in places of southern New England at this hour. Steady snow continues in northern Maine.

1/26 8:14am: Power outages are scattered across New England this morning.

1/26 7:56am: The storm is now exclusively in Maine. Power outages have stayed relatively low compared to what could have been, just over 17,000 in New England are without power as of 8am.

1/26 1:57am: Mixing is occurring as far north as the New Hampshire lakes region. Peak rainfall rates are occurring in southern New England. Power outages hit 15,000.

1/25 11:23pm: Power outages are slowly creeping back up. Outages from Monday's storm stood at about 2,000 this afternoon. As of 11pm, New England is back up to nearly 5,700 outages with early hot spots of Cumberland county Maine and Worcester county Massachusetts leading the way.

1/25 10:44pm: The rain/snow is advancing north quickly, the line has already moved into southeastern New Hampshire. The snow will become a wintry mix all the way to central New Hampshire and Maine by about midnight tonight.

1/25 8:53pm: The rain/snow line is quickly moving north. The line has made it north of Boston. There is a large area of mixing and freezing rain across central Massachusetts.

1/25 7:14pm: Snow failing to materialize across much of southern New England. Portsmouth, NH and Brattleboro, VT southward will likely see snow totals at 3 inches or less. Northern New England is still on track for nearly a foot of snow in spots.

1/25 6:35pm: An initial band of snow is moving through the region, precipitation will fill in more as the storm rapidly intensifies throughout the night.

1/25 1:50pm: Light snow showers are starting to make it to the ground across Vermont and New Hampshire ahead of the main storm's arrival.

1/25 11:47am: Here is a look at the myriad of alerts in effect for New England:

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