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Messy Storm Moves Across New England

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Live coverage of this storm has ended

1/16 11:12pm: Main precipitation type is now snow as the storm continues its slow exit.

1/16 9:10pm: Highest ice accumulation in Maine reported so far is a quarter of an inch in Steuben, highest sleet report is 5 inches in Hampden. Full reports across New England will be posted tomorrow.

1/16 7:21pm: The storm is beginning to exit the region. The sleet and freezing rain mixture being felt across Maine will change to snow before exiting. Up to an inch of additional sleet is possible in areas. The threat of a major ice storm is all but over. Precipitation has ended across the other five states.

1/16 5:12pm: Freezing rain threat ending soon for Maine. As the storm center exits New England, winds will shift. That shift will cool the warm air layer and any freezing rain will transition back to sleet or even snow. The NWS states:

"As the low center lifts up into the Maritimes, winds in the lowest few thousand feet will back from a northeasterly direction to more of a northerly directly. This will cause the warm layer of air aloft to cool this evening transitioning precipitation to all sleet then perhaps sleet mixed with snow, thus ending the freezing rain part of it."

1/16 2:55pm: Sleet is proving to be the dominant precipitation type for this storm in Maine. A significant ice storm is no longer expected anywhere in the state, however some ice accumulation could occur. Areas of Maine could see several inches of Sleet.

1/16 11:19am: Significant ice storm unlikely for northern Aroostook and much of Piscataquis counties. Freezing rain is expected to expand through Washington and Hanock counties through the afternoon. Sleet continues to dominate. Statement from the National Weather Service Caribou, ME:

"Matched weather grids to obs with sleet being the dominant P-type so far. Freezing rain is pushing northwestward through Washington and Hancock counties and will continue to expand northwestward into mid-afternoon with warming aloft. The warm nose aloft then decays late afternoon into tonight with sleet...and some freezing drizzle...returning as the main P-type. Overall sleet totals across the area will be one to three inches. Interior Downeast into the far southeastern corner of Aroostook County will bear the brunt of the freezing rain for the duration of today. The RAP seems to be initializing best so far. The NAM initialized too warm and continues to look unrepresentative. Therefore, the spread of significant freezing rain in locations such as northern Aroostook and much of Piscataquis County looks less likely."

1/16 11:05am: Sleet continues to be the dominant precipitation type across Maine, snow falling across White mountains, NH seacoast and western Maine

1/16 10:07am: Freezing rain continues to fall in strip from Bar Harbor to Calias, Maine; sleet dominates precipitation type further inland, including in Bangor and Lincoln; plain rain creeps into immediate coast

1/16 9:25am: Models trend toward warmer temps in Washington county, Maine, which will likely limit ice accumulations; half an inch still possible in areas


1/16 9:06am: Freezing rain falling in Maine

Radar as of 9am:

(Pink is wintry mix, purple is freezing rain)


Snowfall in Massachusetts is now wrapping up after a messy Sunday into Sunday night. Here are the latest snowfall totals:

Rockland 3.9 inches

Cohasset 3.3 inches

Bourne 2.7 inches

Gloucester 2 inches

Fitchburg 2 inches

Boston 1 inch

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