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Messy Storm Crosses New England

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Live updates for this storm have ended

1/23 9:14pm: Over a foot of snow falls across Maine, New Hampshire

16+ inches fell in Durham, ME; Limerick, ME; Acton, ME; Ossipee, NH; South Tamworth, NH; Sunapee, NH. Full snow totals will be posted tomorrow.

1/23 7:56pm: The storm is exiting New England.

1/23 7:10pm: Power outages are concentrated in southern New Hampshire, central Massachusetts and York County Maine. As of 7pm over 115,000 customers are in the dark.


1/23 5:48pm: Tree damage from the weight of snow and ice is responsible for the widespread outages in New England. Here are a few pictures from utility companies:

From Unitil: From New Hampshire Electric Co-op:

1/23 5:30pm: Power outages in New England reach 100,000; storm begins pulling away

1/23 3:15pm: New England power outages closing in on 100,000 with New Hampshire leading the way at over 44,000. Heavy snow and gusty winds will continue until evening.

1/23 2:17pm: Total New England power outages now over 84,000 with New Hampshire leading the way. Steady snow is now coming down across most of the region and will continue for several hours in places.

1/23 11:03am: Snow band currently moving toward the northeast, this will shift to moving due east as the storm center pulls into the Gulf of Maine.

1/23 10:21am: Several car crashes have occurred throughout the morning hours across New England, road conditions are highly varied across the region. Road conditions will likely get worse before they get better as snow is expected to cross New England all afternoon and into the evening.

1/23 9:30am: Power outages concentrated in southern Vermont, southern New Hampshire, central Massachusetts and York County Maine.


1/23 8:05am: Power outages cross 60,000 in New England, over 30,000 in New Hampshire alone. Snow band will move east and fill in the rest of New England.

1/23 5:31am: Widespread power outages are becoming a reality for this storm as total New England outages near 50,000 as of 5am; heavy, wet snow continues to fall across northern New England.

1/22 11:07pm: Just over 2,300 customers without power across New Hampshire, vast majority in southern part of the state.

1/22 10:21pm: Maine Turnpike speed limit reduced to 45mph.

1/22 9:50pm: Rain/snow line makes it to MA-NH border. Here is a close look at the greatest area of uncertainty on radar along the border:

1/22 9:19pm: National Weather Service confirms northern advancement of rain/snow line, mixing is occurring between all snow and all rain.

"KBOX CC displays a vivid band of transitioning precipitation moving north. The last few scans have stalled somewhat short of the NH border, and think S NH will remain snow for a couple more hours. mPING reports within this band range from snow on the north side to ice pellets and freezing rain/rain to the south. Will watch how this progresses, but current forecast seems well off for timing when mix may begin to invade SE NH."

1/22 8:38pm: The rain/snow line is advancing northward, mixing is occurring in a strip from Springfield, MA moving in a northeast direction to about Newburyport, MA. This northward advancement will continue.

1/22 8:06pm: Snow has filled out Vermont, New Hampshire and northern ans western Massachusetts; rain falling across eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island and the south shore. The rain/snow line is expected to advance north of the MA-NH border by 10-11pm tonight.

1/22 4:15pm: Light snow showers have broken out in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire ahead of the storm's arrival

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