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Powerful Nor'Easter Tears Through New England

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Live coverage of this storm has ended

3/16 7:00am: A barn collapsed under the weight of snow in Dracut, New Hampshire. Several animals were killed.

3/15 8:15pm: Just over 66,000 customers are heading into their second evening without power as damage cleanup continues.

3/15 10:30am: Headlines for Wednesday morning:

>Hundreds of thousands remain without power across New England, multi-day outages expected

>Minor coastal flooding occurred early this morning, third high tide cycle with issues

>Ashby, Massachusetts under a state of emergency

>Hundreds of schools closed Wednesday as cleanup continues

>A roof collapsed at a Goffstown, NH sports complex, heavy snow likely played a role

3/14 11:17pm: Power outages are on the rise once again as strong winds kick in. Outages surpass 215,000 region wide with Maine and New Hampshire accounting for nearly 150,000 of them.

3/14 7:57pm: Light to moderate snow bands will continue to move north to south through New England for several more hours. Additional accumulations will be light.

3/14 7:08pm: New England is holding near 200,000 outages region wide this evening.

3/14 5:00pm: Scenes of tree damage are emerging from across New England as power outages mount. There are nearly 200,000 outages region wide.

3/14 1:45pm: Live video update 2:

3/14 1:07pm: The rain/snow line has collapsed south of Boston.

Very intense snowfall is being seen in southern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts. Central Massachusetts is getting into a dry slot.

3/14 12:05pm: Live video update:

3/14 10:26am: Strong winds will be developing across the region soon, which will lead to even worse power problems. Estimated snowfall so far by region:

Berkshires and southern Green Mountains: 17-20 inches

Northern Green Mountains: 10-15 inches

Worcester Hills: 10-12 inches

Litchfield Hills: 8-10 inches

Monadnocks: 8-10 inches

Connecticut River Valley: 6-10 inches

New Hampshire Merrimack Valley: 4-8 inches

White Mountains: 4-8 inches

New Hampshire Seacoast: 2-4 inches

3/14 9:30am: As expected, power outages are becoming a big problem. Over 100,000 are out across New England with many more expected to lose power by this evening.

3/14 8:20am: The rain/snow line is slowly but surely creeping southeast.

3/14 7:38am: Estimated snow totals by region:

Berkshires and southern Green Mountains: 10-14 inches

Northern Green and White Mountains: 4-8 inches

Worcester Hills and Litchfield Hills: 6-8 inches

Monadnocks: 4-6 inches

Connecticut River Valley: 3-5 inches

New Hampshire Merrimack Valley: 1-3 inches

3/14 7:14am: Power outages are starting to mount across New England; snow totals reach the one foot mark in western areas.

3/14 2:00am: The storm is now looking quite formidable with very heavy rain and snow now falling. The storm will continue to strengthen.

3/13 11:18pm: Roads are getting snow covered in areas of central and western Massachusetts and central New Hampshire.

Here's a look at Fitchburg, MA at this hour:

3/13 10:40pm: Bands of intense rain have developed across eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Some minor street flooding is possible.

3/13 9:12pm: As expected, precipitation is being determined by elevation tonight. Low areas seeing rain, high areas seeing snow at this hour

3/13 8:20pm: A line of boulders has been moved into a wall along the coast at Plum Island to defend against coastal flooding.

The worst coastal flooding expected tomorrow evening.

3/13 7:39pm: Snow is falling in the Berkshires, Green Mountains and parts of the Worcester Hills.

Areas where snow is falling at this hour are going to get slammed with snow from this storm.

3/13 6:34pm: The storm is starting to come together and strengthen. Rain is falling across much of the area with snow in the higher elevations.

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