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Snowstorm Moves Across New England

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Live coverage of this storm has ended

1/20 11:15pm: Power outages creep upward, surpass 10,000 across New Hampshire and Maine as last of the snow showers fizzle away.

1/20 9:23pm: Power outages increase slightly in New Hampshire, Maine. Combined outages for the two states currently sit at 4,154 as of 9:17pm.

1/20 7:49pm: The final few hours of precipitation have begun. Roads may ice over tonight as temps drop well below freezing in many areas. The NWS states:

"KBOX radar is detecting a few clusters of scattered rain and snow showers across eastern MA and RI at this hour. Latest short-term guidance suggests most shower activity should be wrapped up in the next 3 hours as forcing associated with an inverted trough weakens. Temperatures will likely drop below freezing across much of southern New England tonight. With no strong/dry winds to rapidly dry pavement in the wake of this system, icing may become an issue on untreated roads."

1/20 6:35pm: The final leg of the storm has arrived. This will bring continued snow showers and colder temperatures.

1/20 3:14pm: Persistent bands of snow will continue through the evening in many places. Additional accumulations of 1 or 2 inches will occur.

1/20 1:06pm: Coastal flood advisories expire as high tide passes, very minor inundation occured in areas; light to moderate snow showers will continue for much of the region for the next several hours.

1/20 9:54am: Light to moderate snow showers will continue across New England for the rest of today into the evening, widespread additional accumulations of 2-5 inches.

1/20 9:04am: Coastal flood advisories expand northward once again. The advisory now includes all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine through Portland. The NWS states:

"Current tide levels are running high than original forecast and have updated the forecast to issued a Coastal Flood Advisory for this morning`s high tide. The new forecast brings Portland to 12.2 ft MLLW which could result in splash over and localized minor coastal flooding."

1/20 8:36am: There have been several accidents and spin outs across New England this morning. Here is a photo of a tractor trailer blocking I-295 northbound in Portland earlier this morning:

1/20 8:30am: A widespread 3-6 inches of snow has fallen so far across northern New England, including northern Massachusetts. Additional accumulations of 2-5 inches likely this afternoon and evening.

1/20 7:51am: Main roads and highways are slushy across Vermont and New Hampshire. Here is a look at Route 28 in Salem, NH:

1/20 7:18am: 7,872 customers without power as of 7am across New England from storm, next band of snow has entered Massachusetts and Vermont and is advancing eastward while initial snow band is currently over Maine.

1/20 3:01am: Snow and rain move out of VT, NH, MA, CT and RI. Steady snow is coming down across nearly all of Maine. More snow is expected to develop in VT, NH and MA later this morning.

1/19 11:54pm: Heaviest snowfall rates of the storm for much of Vermont and New Hampshire occurring now through about 3-4am. Snowfall rates over an inch an hour are possible. Total storm snowfall has INCREASED for western Maine and central New Hampshire; 8-12 inches of snow is now possible across this area.

1/19 10:51pm: Heaviest rain for southern New England likely occurring now through early morning. There could be some rumbles of thunder and perhaps a lightning strike during downpours. Some minor flooding is possible over the next few hours. The NWS states:

"Heaviest precip tonight likely from now until about 06z/1am, then dry slot overspreads the area. Minor poor drainage/street flooding possible with heaviest downpours."

1/19 9:42pm: Highways are becoming snow covered in northern New Hampshire. Here is a shot from a traffic cam in Littleton, NH:

1/19 7:56pm: As expected, this storm has become a tale of two halves. Heavy rain is falling in southern New England, steady snow is picking up in northern New England with a wintry mix developing along the MA/VT and MA/NH border. Maine has not yet gotten into precipitation, but it is getting close. There is a dry slot developing in New Hampshire.

1/19 6:44pm: Plain rain is falling across a vast majority of southern New England. There is a break in precipitation in western Massachusetts. Northern Massachusetts and along the MA/VT and MA/NH borders is seeing primiarly sleet. How long this sleet lasts will have a big role in total storm snow totals in this area. The NWS states:

"The biggest concern this evening is near and north of Route 2.
So far it appears that the dominate Ptype has been sleet. is possible that as the strongest forcing arrives
in the next few hours dynamic cooling will result in isothermal
soundings. If this occurs...a period of moderate to heavy snow
would occur especially towards the NH Border. This is going to
have to be more of a mesoscale/nowcast type of forecast...but
will make a significant impact on accumulations. If Ptype ends
up mainly sleet...accumulations might only be an inch or so. But
if Ptype is able to flip to a period of moderate to heavy
snow...a quick 2 to 4 inches may occur this evening."

1/19 6:35pm: Coastal flood advisory expanded to include all of Cape Cod and the islands. This will be in effect from 5am until noon Friday (1/20). "Very minor" coastal flooding expected.

1/19 4:30pm: Winter storm Watch upgraded to warning for mid coast and down east Maine.

1/19 4:10pm: Storm progressing eastward, very heavy rain showing up on radar in central Massachusetts is likely a mixture of precipitation

1/19 2:19pm: The storm is getting messy with rain and snow mixing across central Massachusetts, freezing rain falling in western Massachusetts

1/19 1:29pm: Snow breaks out in western Massachusetts, moving eastward; steady rain in Connecticut

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