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Snowstorm Working Through New England

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Live coverage of this storm has ended

2/28 7:24pm: The White Mountains appear to have been the jackpot zone, with 8-10 inches falling. The Berkshires are close behind, with 7-9 inches estimated. Full snow totals will be posted tomorrow.

2/28 6:00pm: Western areas are drying out, Maine will be in the thick of the snow for a while now.

2/28 9:56am: The radar at this hour is what New England will be looking at for the rest of today right up to 10pm-midnight tonight.

Light to moderate snow showers will continue across the region for 12+ more hours. Southeast New Hampshire and southwest Maine will likely see more along the lines of 5-8 inches than the forecasted 3-5 inches as a heavier snow band is expected this afternoon.

2/28 8:47am: The dry slot is developing across New England as the initial low passes to our south. Snow will fill back in this afternoon and evening as the secondary low passes to our north.

2/28 8:06am: Areas of Connecticut and western Massachusetts have reported 5-7 inches so far. Areas further north and east have reported 1-3 inches so far.

2/28 7:53am: Current look at conditions across the region:

Top left: Portsmouth, NH; top right: Fitchburg, MA

Bottom left: Boston, MA; bottom right: Hanover, MA

2/28 3:17am: Snow has now enveloped all but Maine.

2/27 11:09pm: Roads are becoming snow covered across areas of western Connecticut and Massachusetts. Here's a look at Westfield, MA at this hour:

2/27 11:04pm: Snow is becoming more widespread across western New England. The snow shield will continue to advance eastward.

2/27 9:17pm: Snow is starting to come down steadily across Connecticut. Here's a look at Rt.2 in East Hartford. Roads are still mostly clear, but you can see snow in the light. Roads will deteriorate soon.

2/27 7:40pm: Snow has begun falling in western Connecticut and Massachusetts. Here's a look at alerts heading into this storm:

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