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Magnitude 3.3 Earthquake Strikes Maine Overnight

An earthquake jolted some Maine residents awake early this morning. The quake struck at 1:27 am with the epicenter near Lake Phillips in Dedham. The quake occurred about 5.3 miles underground. Residents in the area reported feeling the shake, with 95 reports on the USGS website for this event as of 9 am Saturday morning.

No damage has been reported, an earthquake of this magnitude is generally not capable of causing anything other than some lost sleep. Quakes are not all that uncommon in Maine and New England, with at least 130 occurring in Maine since 1997. There are millions of minor quakes felt across the world every year.

A couple residents in the area thought a tree may have fallen on their house, some went outside to see what was going on. The quake was felt from near Old Town to Ellsworth, including Bangor.

An interesting tid bit about this quake is that it struck the night that someone in Maine won the mega millions jackpot of 1.35 billion dollars. Make of that what you will.



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