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Messy Storm Incoming For New England

The storm coming into the region on Thursday afternoon is set to soak southern New England with a widespread inch of rain, northern New England is preparing to see several inches of snow before some mixing takes place. Here is the latest forecast on the incoming storm:


Snow chances have continuously increased for northern New England over the last few days, and that trend is continuing. Much of the north country will see several inches of snow before a changeover to a mix and rain occurs. This changeover will spread from south to north, the further north you go, the more snow will accumulate. Some freezing rain is also possible as the changeover from snow to rain occurs. The NWS states:

"...locations along the coast and southernmost NH are expected to switch over to rain during the late afternoon or early evening hours with a gradually northward progression of the "switch over" through the evening and overnight. It should be noted that there could be a period of freezing rain during the transition times, especially across inland and northern areas, which could result in a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch of ice."

A winter weather advisory is in effect for much of Vermont, all of New Hampshire minus Rockingham and Strafford counties and much of interior Maine through Friday morning. A winter storm watch is in effect for northern Maine through Friday evening.

Winds could gust as high as 40-50mph along the coast of New Hampshire and Maine. This will not be strong enough for widespread damage, a small branch may break here and there.


Thursday: Snow showers beginning midday and spreading south to north, a changeover to rain will also spread north to south.

Thursday night: Rain in southern New Hampshire, valleys of Vermont and western and coastal Maine, some mixing possible; snow in northern Maine and White Mountains.

Friday: Steady rain in the morning with showers continuing in the afternoon; mix and snow in northern Maine; showers may mix with snow in the afternoon across northern areas.

Friday night: Precipitation ending in southern areas, some mix and snow showers continue in northern areas.

Saturday: Clearing up in most areas, northern Maine will see snow showers taper off in the morning.


Southern New England will see a soaking rain for the duration of this storm. Brief snow showers could start the event in central and western Massachusetts, but should quickly change to rain. A widespread inch of rain will fall across southern New England. Winds will be moderately strong in Rhode Island and Cape Cod. Gusts could top 45-55mph in these areas. As of Friday evening, there are no wind alerts in the area, but this could change. The NWS states:

"If the jet is stronger and/or the inversion proves weaker then wind advisories for these areas may be needed but too conditional right now, and unless there is a significant increase in the jet, any impact from strong winds would be rather minor."


Thursday: Showers begin in the afternoon, some mixing possible in central and western Massachusetts.

Thursday night: Soaking rain.

Friday: Morning rain and showers, peak winds in the morning.

Friday night: Drying out, clouds part overnight.



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