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New England's Stagnant Weather Pattern Continues

New England's weather pattern remains very stagnant through the next few days, with not a whole lot of new information to share. The overall pattern pretty much keeps repeating what we've seen over the past week plus. A stalled frontal boundary remains over northern New England while an area of low pressure very slowly meanders its way off the Mid-Atlantic coast and south of New England. This system will exit the Mid-Atlantic coast around midday today and will hang out around southern New England until Friday.

This setup will produce plenty of clouds and scattered shower chances for the next couple days. Northern New England will generally see more showers on Wednesday while southern New England will see more activity on Thursday. The southern low has trended farther north in some guidance, bringing more numerous showers into southern New England, especially for Thursday morning. Showers will likely thin out in the afternoon, but still be around.

Expected weather Wednesday afternoon (1st image) and Thursday mid-morning (2nd image):

While bouts of steadier rain will be possible across northern New England Wednesday and southern New England Thursday morning, overall total rainfall remains on the lower end of the spectrum. Even with the slight northern trend in guidance, most of New England will see a half an inch or less of rainfall, with more in the areas closer to the features (the cold front and the center of the southern low).

Friday will see the slow departure of the southern low pressure system as the (now very weak) cold front drops southward. An area of high pressure will build into the Nova Scotia area, bringing dry conditions and more breaks in the cloud cover, which will remain partly to mostly cloudy, especially for eastern New England amid an onshore flow. This flow will also keep things on the cooler side.

This weekend will be rather similar to last weekend with plenty of clouds around and some showers, but no washouts, or anything close to a washout. While neither day will be particularly wet, the better chance for a shower will be on Sunday as another frontal system and southern low pressure system approach.

Weather map for Sunday morning:

The weekend will also be similar to last weekend's in regards to cooler temperatures for many. The onshore flow will continue, with highs in eastern Massachusetts through Maine's midcoast will likely fail to reach the mid 60s. Sunday will be cooler than Saturday, though it's not looking quite as cool as last weekend. Farther inland, it will be more mild away from the cool marine air. Boston just missed their first 80° day yesterday (the high topped out at 77°). The city will now be waiting around for at least a bit longer.

The question becomes, are there any signs of a breakdown of this stagnant pattern? After this weekend, it is looking like more of the same for New England with a potential warm up and sunnier skies for Monday and Tuesday (again). Heading into the middle of next week, another frontal system may approach the region. How this sets up could either see a continuation of the status quo or the potential for a more extended warm up.

Climate Prediction Center 6-10 day outlook (covering next week). This supports a trough-in-the-west-ridge-in-the-east pattern developing. Weak troughing is possible along the east coast, which is why the northeast and Mid-Atlantic's chances for warmer weather are lower. How everything plays out will need to be watched, nothing is locked in:



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