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Wind Advisory Issued for Cape Cod, Flood Watch for Eastern Maine

The wind threat from this storm has steadily increased each day, with widespread gusts along the south coast of 35-45mph possible. Earlier today, the National Weather Service stated that models were hinting at potentially stronger gusts during the storm. The NWS was close to issuing an advisory this morning, but confidence remained too low to do so.

Now, on Thursday evening, confidence has grown for potentially stronger winds. Gusts of up to 50mph are now expected to occur overnight tonight into Friday morning. The advisory is in effect from 11pm tonight (1/12) to 2pm Friday afternoon (1/13). Sustained winds will be relatively quiet, only forecast to get up to 25mph.

50mph is right at the point where tree damage can begin to occur. This is why the advisory has now been issued. Anytime branches break, there is a risk of downing wires, so some outages will likely occur across Cape Cod, Rhode Island and eastern Connecticut.

Further north, a flood watch has just been issued for coastal and eastern Maine. This is in effect from midnight tonight through tomorrow morning. Up to two inches of rain is possible in coastal and eastern Maine, and combined with snowmelt, could result in excessive runoff for smaller streams. Low lying, poor drainage areas may also see some minor flooding.

These areas should watch for potential flood warnings issued overnight into the morning hours. There is still some wiggle room for where "hefty" snow amounts will end up tonight, and icing of up to a quarter inch is possible in the foothills of Maine. A winter weather advisory remains in effect for much of northern New England and a winter storm warning is in effect for northern Maine. Stay tuned to NESC for continued coverage of this storm.


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