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2023 Boston Marathon Weather: Rain Possible, Heat Abates

With less than a week to go until the running of the 127th Boston Marathon, it's time to start looking into the weather for the race. Being in mid-April, there's quite a range of potential weather. There's a 59 degree difference between the hottest high and the coldest low. Over an inch and a half of rain fell on the race in 2018. There has never been, however, appreciable snow. Here's a look at rainfall, temperature and wind forecasts.


While 2023's race will not provide the first big snow, there could be some precipitation. This unusually long stretch (for April) of quiet, mostly sunny weather will likely be coming to an end just in time for the race. The day before the race looks to be the transition day back to unsettled spring weather as a low pressure system passes to the north, dragging a cold front across New England.

This would produce a cloudy and damp day with showers around. With this setup, the day would not be a washout with all day steady rain. Right now, the timing of the system and associated cold front look to produce more rain and showers in the morning with precipitation becoming more isolated in the afternoon.

The timing of the cold front will be key to when rain falls and how heavy the rain is. Right now, it does look like the front will pass through Massachusetts throughout the day Monday. This would keep things unsettled all day across the race route.


The summer-like heat that will envelop Massachusetts at the end of this week will abate in time for the marathon. Temperatures are looking to drop back down to near average on Saturday and continuing through the early part of next week. With the system coming through the region overnight Sunday to Monday, it will likely keep temperatures mild overnight and into Monday morning.

Temperatures may rise during the night Sunday night into Monday morning. This would start Monday off in the upper 50s. Temperatures will likely not rise too much during the day with the passage of the cold front. The high for the day are looking to get to the low 60s. The passage of the system and front will be key to nailing down the timing of temperatures.

NBM guidance for apparent temperature on Monday, April 17.


It is currently looking like there will be a breeze throughout the day. With the cold front passing, winds look to blow from the west to west northwest through the day. Sustained winds are currently looking to be around 10-20 mph with some higher gusts as the front passes.


The main takeaway from this preliminary forecast is that the timing of the cold front will be the key to unlocking a detailed weather forecast. Unfortunately, the weather looks to get rather complicated just in time for the race. This will make it more difficult to hammer down the forecast in advance. This also means that this forecast is subject to changes. This forecast will update as we get closer to Marathon Monday.

Take this forecast as a general idea of the setup for the race.



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