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2024 Boston Marathon Weather Outlook

The final countdown to the 2024 Boston Marathon is here and the weather for the race is coming into view. This year's race is looking to feature overall quiet weather with warming temperatures and dry conditions.


A clipper-type shortwave disturbance will zip through New England Sunday evening through early Monday morning. This system will likely bring light and scattered showers to the area during this time, but it is currently looking to clear out of southern New England by sunrise on Monday. This disturbance will dampen the ground, but rainfall amounts are looking to be very minor.

NAM showing the weak disturbances crossing New England Sunday night. This should be cleared out by Monday morning:

By race time, the system should be cleared out, leaving mostly cloudy skies behind. Clouds will likely break up through the day, but, at this point, is unlikely to become fully sunny during the day.


The disturbance overnight Sunday to Monday will keep overnight temperatures on the mild side. By the start of the races, in the 9am hour, temperatures will likely be in the low 50s. Temperatures will climb during the day as a robust ridge builds into the northeast. Temperatures will likely reach into the mid 60s for highs with upper 60s possible farther inland. It will be great for spectators, but beginning to become warm for runners.

Temperature anomaly for April 15th showing above average temperatures prevailing:

With an offshore flow, a sea breeze likely won't bring a big afternoon cool down to the city of Boston itself, but a weak breeze off the ocean could help cool areas somewhat in the city. Humidity could be noticeable, but still rather low, with dew points likely in the 40s to start and dropping into the 30s by the afternoon amid a dry northwest flow.


Winds will be out of the northwest, which will allow a drying trend through the day. This will also allow for the warming trend to continue. Sustained winds will be light, around 5-10mph. Some gusts could approach 20mph. Overall, winds will likely be on a downward trend leading up to race time and throughout the day. With a more northwesterly flow expected, it will likely be a combination of a cross wind and tailwind.

Wind direction and speed late Monday morning:



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