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Another Week, Another Flood; Extreme Western Heat: Weather Wednesday

Weather Wednesday time! In this week's episode, I recap New England's latest flooding event this past weekend. I also go over the latest on Vermont's recovery efforts as well as go over some of the extreme heat wave that has enveloped the west and south. Check it out below!

Prefer to read? You can find a written recap of this weekend's flood here. You can also find a written version of Vermont's recovery efforts below the video.

The long road to recovery in Vermont is fully underway, and this will be a long road to recovery, much like Irene. Many projects will take months, some years. The early stages of cleanup and infrastructure repair has begun.

As expected in Vermont, an army of volunteers has stepped up to help get this mess cleaned up as quickly as possible. Many communities have been in touch with Vermont emergency management officials, but state officials said late last week that they hadn’t yet heard from about two to three dozen of them. National Guard troops have been sent in to get contact.

Centers did open this past weekend to help residents recover in the very hard hit communities of Barre and Ludlow. Shelters that opened for evacuees are just about empty at this point as many roads have been made at least accessible, including all roads into Ludlow.

Again, this will be a months long project to get all roads back in working order. FEMA assistance registration is open. Montpelier's City Hall is closed due to flood damage, city operations have opened in a temporary location Montpelier Senior Activity Center.

Large piles of disaster debris are now being hauled away. As far as total damages go, we won’t know the full extent of the cost of this disaster for a while. We are still in the very early phases of assessment.



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