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Flooding, Damage Seen Across New England From the Region's Latest Storm

Yet another system has dropped heavy rain across New England. 1 to 3 inch rain amounts were common across the region with some areas seeing upwards of 6 inches. This has led to another round of flooding, road closures and damage.

A cold front interacted with an extremely moist atmosphere to create rainfall rates that, at times, exceeded two inches an hour. This band of rain very slowly moved northeast through the region as Sunday wore on.

Connecticut was among the hardest hit as the state saw some of the most prolonged periods of intense rainfall rates in the morning. As many as thirty roads across the state have been closed due to either water over the road or the road itself being damaged.

Scenes across Connecticut from West Hartford and Bristol:

Photo credits: NBC Connecticut, Mark Lapointe, Lillian Stone

The Tweed New Haven Airport in the state was forced to shut down until further notice due to flooding. The airport must wait until high tide recedes to open the gates to drain the water, according to the airport.

Connecticut also experienced severe thunderstorms. Significant tree damage was seen in Wethersfield Sunday morning, possibly from a microburst. A microburst is a fast moving column of sinking air that spreads out when it hits the ground. Winds are often very intense and damaging.

Neighboring Rhode Island saw very similar impacts as two separate waves of rain, one in the morning and one evening, moved through the small state. A handful of roads became impassable by mid-afternoon. The Providence Metro area, which was hit hard by a flash flood on Independence day, saw roads swamped yet again.

Like Connecticut, Rhode Island saw airport issues as well. T.F. Green International Airport's taxiway ramp was forced to close due to flooding ongoing at the airport.

Heading north, Massachusetts saw pockets of flash flooding throughout the day. Fitchburg was particularly hard with both street flooding as well as road damage. Several roads in the city became impassable Sunday.

Further east, Middleton saw significant flooding across the town, including a large swath of Route 114. Images from the area showed businesses and cars swamped with flood water.

Photo credit: Kimberly Hesse

The entire Greater Boston area was placed under a flash flood warning for much of the afternoon and evening.

The National Weather Service also confirmed an EF-0 tornado touched down in the central Massachusetts town of North Brookfield. Extensive tree damage occurred in the town, but no property damage or injuries have been reported.

New Hampshire was also hit very hard by today's flooding. Flash flooding and road washouts have been reported in several towns and cities including Henniker, Effingham, Antrim, Hooksett and Candia.

Sunday morning, Manchester was hit hard by flooding. The city was placed in a flash flood warning during the late morning. More than a dozen roads were closed across the city by early afternoon.

This image shows firefighters helping a stranded motorist out of their car in Manchester Sunday morning:

Photo credit: WMUR

A NASCAR race scheduled to take place at the Loudon Motor Speedway was forced to postpone to Monday.

Alton, New Hampshire, which was likely the hardest hit community in New England, saw numerous road closures across the town. A New Hampshire State Police trooper said the town was "basically an island" as most roads leading into the town have been damaged or flooded.

The Alton Department of Public Works stated that most roads in the town were closed, including Route 28, Route 140 and Mt. Major Highway (Route 11). The town's public works also noted that Mt. Major Highway has a large sinkhole in it. The town has also seen mudslides along with flooding.

Here's just a few of the scenes from around Alton:

Photo credits: Patty Sinclair, Robert Janes, Brandi McGlone-Tune

The town has opened a shelter for those in need on Pearson Street. The town has begun work to make roads safe for emergency vehicles.

While Maine wasn't hit as hard as other parts of New England, the state did see impacts. Flash flood warnings were issued in the afternoon across the interior. Oxford County saw flooding, including Bethel.

Vermont was largely spared from this event, thankfully. There were isolated flood alerts issued across the state, but no major flooding has been reported at this time. This comes on the heels of catastrophic flooding last week and a severe thunderstorm outbreak on Friday.



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