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Another Weekend Washout? A Look at Potential Storm for New England

New England's next impactful storm is looking to enter the region Sunday with the most impactful weather potentially coming next Monday (May 1). An area of low pressure may form on Saturday, but this storm is currently looking to get suppressed to our south. Still, showers will be possible to start off the weekend.

The impactful storm will likely come into the region late Saturday night. Two pieces of energy, one over the Great Lakes and one over the Rockies will come together and strengthen into a more formidable storm as it tracks up the coast.

There's still a myriad of possibilities in play with this storm, but it is looking increasingly likely that New England will be faced with a coastal storm early next week. An area of high pressure holding over eastern Canada will determine exactly when this storm will impact the region. The high could slow the storm down, which is why the main impact of the storm is now looking to come in on Monday instead of Sunday like initially forecast.

Euro model showing a coastal low coming ashore Monday:

Right now, the track of the storm is looking like the center will cross over Long Island and enter western New England after tracking up the east coast. Being several days out, this track could change, and I would not be surprised if the center tracks further east than what is forecast right now.

This area of high pressure is also why this storm could be drawn out. New England could begin seeing some impacts from the storm as early as Saturday evening and continuing through Monday evening. It may take a while for the initial shield of rain to push further north.

Based on the set up and the fact that the storm looks to strengthen as it tracks up the coast, New England could be looking at another decent dousing of rain Sunday into Monday. Another widespread 1-2 inches of rain could fall during this storm over the same areas that got doused this past Sunday (April 23). It's worth noting that this storm is looking to be more drawn out than the last one, so these 1-2 inch totals would fall over the course of two days.

NBM cumulative rainfall forecast by late Monday:

Being a coastal storm, there is also a threat of high winds. At this point, it does not look like the winds will be strong enough for any widespread tree damage or power outages, gusty winds will be likely. The wind threat will be something to watch as this week progresses.

NBM wind forecast Monday afternoon:

After Monday, there is a chance that the storm cuts off from the main flow, leading to another week very similar to what we are seeing this week (mostly cloudy, showery, cool).



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