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Breaking Down This Week's Storms, and Heat, for New England

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

This week in New England will feature some storms with growing heat. The end of this week could very well feature the hottest day of the year for many locations in the region. Here's a breakdown of what's coming:


Tuesday will likely feature a very summer-like day with warm temperatures, mostly sunny skies and a line of afternoon thunderstorms. This line of storms will likely reach much more of New England than Monday's line. Despite this, overall impacts will likely be limited as the line of storms, as of now, is not looking very impressive with more run-of-the-mill storms expected. Severe storms are not expected, but there's always a chance of a storm or two going rogue.


Temperatures will be ticking up throughout this week. By Wednesday, much of New England could very well be pushing 90 degrees. A heat wave is in the cards for a large portion of the region for Wednesday through Friday. Models have been going back and forth on whether Thursday will be the hottest day or Friday.

Either way, there's growing confidence that at least southern New England will see temperatures shoot into the mid 90s on one of these days. Which day ends up being hotter is more of a technicality as both days will likely see heat index values well into the 90s amid building humidity for southern New England.

There are more questions as to how hot northern New England will get. This is because of a shift in the overall pattern. This shift pushes low pressure systems to New England's north, but some energy from these systems could still work into northern areas. If this happens, it would lead to more clouds, storms and slightly lower temperatures. Northern Vermont will have the best chance at 90 degrees for the northern tier of New England.

As for thunderstorms, northern areas will have the best chance for storms Thursday and Friday as the aforementioned low pressure systems to New England's north may send some energy into the area. Southern New England could see some storms as well, but these storms would more likely be the result of daytime heating and growing instability ahead of a cold front.

Speaking of that cold front, it will likely drop through New England late in the week. This front has been trending toward a later arrival time, possibly not until Saturday night. This would set up a cooler weekend (and potentially beyond the weekend). The timing of this front is still very much up in the air, so we'll go into more details about it later in the week.

One last note, dew points will be ticking back up throughout this week. Each day will be more humid than the last for most of New England. By the end of the week, dew points will be back to oppressive levels. This, combined with the high temperatures, will lead to heat index values potentially nearing or even exceeding 100 for southern New England. Heat advisories will likely be posted for this week's end.



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