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BREAKING: Significant Ice Storm Possible In Maine

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The chances of a major ice storm have increased over the course of today. Earlier, up to four tenths of an inch of ice was possible in downeast Maine. As of this evening, up to three quarters of an inch of ice is in the forecast in areas according to the National Weather Service's latest accumulation map. The NWS states:

"The warming trend aloft has continued with 7am and 1pm guidance for the entire forecast area. This means more freezing rain. Amounts over three-quarters of an inch are becoming increasing likely for interior Downeast. Combined with winds gusting to 35 mph in that area tomorrow, widespread power outages are becoming a growing concern. Increases in freezing rain amounts have also been specified for the rest of the area compared to our past forecasts. This was in coordination with WPC...In addition to power outage concerns, the combination of sleet and freezing rain will have major implications for travel and clean up.

The winter storm warning mentions up to a half an inch of ice, which is what I consider to be the threshold for a significant ice storm. Those who live in downeast Maine should prepare for a potential multi day power outage event. Travel could become very difficult across much of Maine of Monday.

Ice storms are complex weather events, and there is still some uncertainty in this forecast, Mainers, especially those in downeast Maine, should prepare for the worst and hope for the best tonight into tomorrow morning.




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