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Gradual Warm-up Underway, Next Storm Chance Comes New Year's Eve

After the coldest Christmas and Christmas Eve in a couple decades, each day will be a bit warmer than the last until temperatures brush 60 in spots on New Year's Day. In Boston, temperatures reached a modest 27 degrees, which was the coldest Christmas day in the city since 1999. Many areas of New England were colder.

Here are some of the bone chilling Christmas and Christmas Eve temperatures that were recorded:

>Worcester, MA: Christmas Eve: 14, Christmas Day: 24

>Berlin, NH: Christmas Eve: 19, Christmas Day: 21

>Portland, ME: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 24

>Providence, RI: Christmas Eve: 17, Christmas Day: 27

>Hartford, CT: Christmas Eve: 17, Christmas Day: 29

>Caribou, ME: Christmas Eve: 40, Christmas Day: 19

>Burlington, VT: Christmas Eve: 14, Christmas Day: 27

>Manchester, NH: Christmas Eve: 19, Christmas Day: 27

On top of these chilling temperatures, tens of thousands of customers remained in the dark through Christmas after near hurricane force winds caused damage across the region. As of Monday morning, just over 30,000 customers remain without power, most of which are in Maine, with Vermont and New Hampshire making up the rest. This is down from nearly 400,000 outages across New England on Friday night.

Each day this week will see temperatures jump a bit more than the last. For example, Boston's high temps this week are forecast as follows from Monday through New Year's day: 33, 35, 41, 47, 52, 57. Caribou Maine's forecast goes as follows: 20, 23, 23, 26, 38, 40, 40. There is a storm chance growing for New Year's Eve, but with these temps the storm will be another rain maker for most of New England.

There will be a very weak disturbance that will move through northern New England Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Some areas of northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine will see a dusting to an inch of snow to freshen up those ski resorts.

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