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Major Coastal Flooding Possible Across New Hampshire, Maine

The coastal flood threat has risen for northern New England as the major pre-Christmas storm bears down. While coastal flooding is expected to be limited to minor in Massachusetts, there is now the potential for major flooding across New Hampshire and Maine. The biggest threat will be for beaches and coastlines facing southeast. Here are the impacts being laid out by the National Weather Service:

"Widespread flooding of locations near the waterfront expected, including some damage to vulnerable structures. Numerous road closures expected. A few locations could become isolated due to the flooding of roads. Vehicles parked in vulnerable areas near the waterfront will likely become flooded. A few evacuations may be needed in the most vulnerable areas. There is significant threat to property. Many coastal communities will experience damage. Numerous structures will flood. Flood waters will extend well inland in riverine tidal areas.

Expect moderate to locally significant beach erosion with considerable erosion of protected dune structures due to large breaking waves. Splash-over may lead to ponding of water behind dune structures and result in flooding of roads and vulnerable structures. Small rocks associated with splash-over may result in damage to passing vehicles or pedestrians."

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