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Major Pre-Christmas Storm Incoming Thursday Night

Storm to bring heavy rain, strong winds and end with a flash freeze

An area of low pressure will rapidly strengthen over the great lakes and bring blizzard conditions to that area with one to two feet of snow. Much of New England will remain thoroughly on the warm side of the system. This storm will move through the region much quicker than last week's storm, with one stormy day on Friday. Here is a breakdown of the biggest impacts from this storm:

Rain (Impact: HIGH)

New England will see a very widespread 1-2 inches of rain from Thursday evening through Friday evening. There will be less rainfall over Cape Cod as well as into northern Maine and over the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, where rain will mix with snow. Large puddles will form in low lying areas across the region, this is troublesome as temperatures will plummet overnight Friday. That will be discussed later.

Wind (Impact: HIGH)

This storm is going to bring strong southerly winds (which is why temps will be so mild), so this storm is NOT a nor'easter. Due to this, strong winds will be felt across the entire region. Strong winds will not be confined to the coast, although they will be stronger there than in many places.

Wind gusts of at least 40mph will be felt across every corner of the region. Winds may gust to 65-70mph along the entire coastline of New England. Winds may also gust upwards of 60-70mph in the higher elevations of Vermont and Maine. A HIGH WIND WATCH is currently in effect for northern Vermont for Friday. Gusts of 50mph is possible in eastern and central Massachusetts and throughout New Hampshire. Gusts this strong could result in some tree damage and power outages.

Snow/Mix (Impact: LOW)

Due to the southerly winds, snow will not be much of a problem for New England. Some accumulations are possible in northern Maine, as well as the higher elevations of Vermont and New Hampshire, but snow totals will be limited. Up to 3 inches of snow is possible in these areas.

Coastal flooding (Impact: MODERATE)

Some coastal flooding is possible during the Friday morning high tide, as it is an astronomical high tide. All of the New England coast should be prepared for minor coastal flooding, while there could be pockets of moderate flooding. If you are in an area that is especially susceptible to coastal flooding, prepare for moderate flooding on Friday.

Flash freeze (Impact: HIGH)

After the drenching rains, the temperature across the region will plummet. This will cause the soaked roads and other surfaces to freeze solid. This flash freeze will affect all of New England, and as a matter of fact, all of the northeast and Ohio River Valley. This will make driving on Friday evening and night extremely difficult.

The flash freeze will begin in the early evening for extreme western New England and will gradually work its way across New England as the evening and night progresses. Try to postpone travel during this time if at all possible.



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