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Mild Storm Will Likely Washout New Year's Eve

After a bone chilling Christmas Weekend, New Year's will feel much different. Temperatures across the region will shoot into the upper 50s to the south and the 40s to the north. These mild temperatures will come with a major caveat: Rain. A widespread quarter to a half an inch of rain is possible overnight from New Year's Eve to New Year's day.

Rain will begin in the afternoon for southern New England and will spread south to north, with steady rain starting in the evening as you make your way into southern New Hampshire and Vermont. The rain will likely be steady to at time heavy overnight, just as the clock strikes midnight. This weather is certainly not ideal for events and parties trying to get back to normal after pandemic restrictions.

The best places to celebrate the New Year outdoors will be north. Precipitation will not arrive in that region until later in the night. New Year's Day will likely be a washout in northern New England. The good news for this storm is that it will just be a rainmaker, strong winds, heavy snow and even flooding will not be an issue. It will just be a rainy night.

Full New Year's Eve forecast for different events going on around New England will come tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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