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New England's Next Weather Pattern is Here!

The last two weeks have been dominated by an Omega block and stalled frontal boundary. This has led to weeks of cool, mainly cloudy and dreary weather. This pattern often hits New England in April, but it can always get a bit frustrating when it does set up. This pattern has officially broken down and much more seasonable weather has arrived thanks to a new pattern.

This weekend (and beyond) will be dominated by high pressure. This will create a stark contrast to the last week, which featured low pressure stalled just to New England's west. This high pressure will lead to blissfully quiet weather for this weekend and into next week. A warm front will likely lift through New England Sunday night, bringing the possibility of a few showers Sunday night in southern New England. Even if there are showers, they will be isolated, light and non-disruptive.

United States weather map for Saturday
Saturday weather (this will basically repeat on Sunday) dominated by areas of high pressure.

A cold front will cross New England Monday morning. This will be a dry front, with no risk of showers. This front will not affect afternoon highs on Monday, as New England will be looking at another day very similar to Saturday and Sunday.

There looks to be a brief cool down beginning on Tuesday as an area of low pressure makes its closest pass to New England. This system will likely send a backdoor cold front (a front that moves east to west instead of the usual west to east) through New England. This front will lead to temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s across the region.

United States weather map for Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Low pressure passing New England bringing cooler weather

Temperatures will remain seasonably cool on Wednesday, but will begin rebounding. High pressure will likely build back into the region by the end of the week. While it is early to be talking exact temperatures, current signals are showing temperatures climbing into the mid 70s to upper 70s in southern New England.

United States temperature forecast
NBM guidance on high temperatures at the end of next week.



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