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New England Weather This Week: Summer

The weather this week in New England can be summed up in one word: summery. Full summer heat and humidity will be present all week long, along with thunderstorm chances at the end of the week. See the details below:


New England's weather will be a bit stagnant for most of this week. That is to say most of the week will feature warm temperatures with mostly sunny skies and overall very calm conditions. Each day will likely be a degree or two warmer than the last, with highs in the mid 80s to low 90s. A heat advisory is in effect for the Champlain Valley Monday and patchy heat advisories could be posted around southern New England later in the week as dew points climb. Dew points themselves will follow a similar trend as temperatures, rising a couple degrees a day.

The exception to the heat will be the immediate coast. Conditions are primed for a sea breeze to keep the coast cooler, and potentially significantly cooler. Highs at the beaches could be a good 10-15 degrees cooler than inland areas this week. The most noticeable differences will be felt at Cape Cod and the Maine coast. The Maine coast may top out in the low 70s on Labor Day. This sea breeze will not make it inland far, just a couple miles inland, and you'll feel the heat start to crank.

Scattered thunderstorms may re-enter the picture for western and far northern areas on Thursday as the next system begins to approach.


New England's unusually long (for this year) stretch of dry weather will be coming to an end late this week. This system will be slowly churning across the country this week before making it to New England. As mentioned above, western areas will likely get in on the storms for Thursday before the threat shifts to encompass most of New England by Friday.

Friday certainly isn't looking washed out, and temperatures will remain elevated, into the low to mid 80s for most with sunshine to start. Scattered thunderstorms are looking to erupt in the afternoon. There, naturally, remains discrepancies on when this system exits. Right now, it does appear that the system will get blocked in, so the exit will be slow. This would lead to continued unsettled weather throughout the weekend. No days currently look washed out, but daily storm and shower chances are likely to exist.

Weather map for Sunday, September 10, system still hanging around in Maine:

The weekend will likely see a fall in temperatures, but dew points are looking to remain elevated, so humid weather and warm nights may stick around. This would also help aid in potential heavy downpours to come along with the showers and storms.


Those who want September to feel more like fall than summer can look forward to next week. As of now, below average temperatures are favored for New England. Dew points are also looking to plummet as a cold front crosses the region while the weekend system exits.



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