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New England Weather This Week: Summer's Last Gasp

It'll be another very nice, calm and dry week (until the end). This week will, in all likelihood, be summer's last gasp before fall takes over for the season.


Much of this week will be dominated by high pressure. This will lead to mostly sunny skies and overall very calm winds. A ridge will push eastward into the northeast during this week, providing a boost in the temperatures. Highs will be in the 70s at least for all of New England during this time frame with low to potentially some mid 80s possible across lower elevations.

Weather map for Tuesday showing a calm east coast and active west coast. That cold front in the middle of the country will be coming our way later in the week:

Tuesday is looking to be the warmest of the days, with the most widespread 80s. Temperatures will remain warm on Wednesday, however, a notch cooler than Tuesday. An onshore flow will also develop, leading to a cooler coast. Daily record highs could be broken across New England on Tuesday and Wednesday. Current records run in the low to mid 80s, which is right where temperatures are expected to top out. Wednesday will be more difficult to reach records.

Cities in New England currently forecast to tie or break daily records on October 3:

Thursday will remain warm and sunny. Most areas will see highs a notch cooler, however, Vermont's Champlain Valley may see a third day at 80 degrees. With the high pressure overhead and clear skies, overnight lows will be able to cool off nicely. Lows will likely drop into the 50s for most.


Friday is looking to be a transition day from the warm, sunny, dry weather to cooler, cloudy and rainy weather. That cold front (and its low pressure system) shown above will march across the county and land in New England sometime at the end of the week.

Timing of this front still needs to be worked out, but it looks like clouds will start building into the region on Friday with shower chances beginning overnight Friday. Highs will be cooler with more clouds. Again, the exact timing of the front will end up determining how the weather is Friday.


Yes, it's looking like another very nice week followed by an unsettled weekend. Right now, models are pointing toward the bulk of the rain from the system coming through sometime Friday night through Saturday night. Exactly when the highest rain chances will be during that time frame remain in the air at this time.

The system does look to be progressive, meaning it moves through the region in a reasonable amount of time and help limit flooding. This would also help dry things out for Sunday and Monday. With discrepancies on exact timing, it's too soon to go into too many details right now.

Weather map for Saturday, watch for more refinement as the weekend gets closer:

The most certain aspect right now is that the cold front will usher in much cooler, more fall-like air. Temperatures are looking to crash back down to average or below average by Sunday. Sunday is also likely to be quite breezy as well.



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