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New England Weekend Weather (and a look at Thanksgiving week)

This weekend will feature some rain, some sun and some chill for New England. We're also watching the all important Thanksgiving week as well. Here's the details:


At one point, a coastal storm was looking to bring New England heavy rain and gusty winds for Friday night into Saturday. This storm has fizzled into no more than a standard rainy night and showery Saturday morning. This is because of the progressive nature of the cold front. The cold front's faster movement is helping to push the storm away. Now, all New England really has to deal with is the showers from the front itself.

These showers will kick off Friday evening for western New England, and push eastward through the night. By Saturday morning, Vermont and western Massachusetts and Connecticut should be done and drying out while areas further east see continued scattered showers. Showers will generally be more widespread in northern New England.

Expected weather at 8am Saturday:

By the afternoon, just about all of New England will be done with the showers. The exception will be eastern Maine, who will likely hang onto the showers through the afternoon. Most of New England will top out at less than a half an inch of rain. Precipitation will likely fall as snow across northern Maine for a brief time. Accumulations are expected to be light, with chances of at least 2 inches of snow topping out at 30%.

Expected weather at 2pm Saturday:

Saturday will be one of those "backwards days" temperature-wise where the high is likely reached in the morning with temps falling in the afternoon as the cold front moves through. The passage of the front will also result in gusty winds, so it will feel very chilly by the evening compared to the morning. This front will end New England's brief stint with above average temperatures.


Sunday will be much quieter and is definitely the pick of the weekend. Skies will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny for most and dry. There will be less wind than Saturday afternoon and evening, though a chilly breeze will remain in place. There will generally be more clouds across the northern third of New England.

Sunday may feature some scattered snow showers across New England's higher elevations, mainly the Green and White Mountains. These snow showers will be light and mainly confined to the mountains. Not all mountain towns will see snow on Sunday, and no accumulations outside a dusting is expected.

Expected weather Sunday early afternoon:

Highs for Sunday will be cooler than the past couple days and will feel chilly compared to the 50s and 60s that New England has seen over the past few days. Highs will be in the mid 40s to low 50s in southern New England and the upper 30s to upper 40s in northern New England.


Heading into the all-important week of Thanksgiving, it's going to start off chilly, with highs Monday struggling to get out of the 30s for most in New England. With a breeze, feels-like temperatures will remain in the 20s and 30s across the region.

Expected temperatures Monday afternoon:

We still have our eye on a storm system to come through Tuesday night through Wednesday. Not too much has changed with this system in regards to what the models are saying. This storm will have the potential to bring heavy rain, gusty winds and some snow to the region right before Thanksgiving.

It continues to look like this storm will be a mainly rain event for most of New England. The setup will be key in determining this as a primary low tracks to the north of New England with a secondary low to the south.

The further inland the southerly low tracks, the more mild the storm will be, leading to more rain and less snow. Most models have the low tracking far enough inland to keep winter precipitation confined to the mountains.

Euro, CMC and ICON showing expected weather Wednesday morning:

The good news is that it continues to look like the storm will be gone by Thanksgiving day, with drier, but chillier air working into New England for the holiday. There will likely be a brisk breeze throughout the day.



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