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New England Weekend Weather (and Beyond)

Most of New England is looking at the longest stretch of dry weather since May coming up this holiday weekend and through much of next week. Summer heat (and humidity) will also be building during the first week of meteorological fall.


High pressure begins building into New England from the west on Friday. The entire region will see wall-to-wall sunshine and continued low humidity levels. Wildfire smoke is also looking to stay out of the region, allowing for a deep-blue sky. Winds will be calm as well and temperatures will remain in the 70s for most. Friday is just about as perfect as a day can get.

High surf and rip currents will be waning, but there will still be an elevated risk. Weak winds will allow a sea breeze to develop in the afternoon, keeping coastal areas cooler.


The holiday weekend will remain very uneventful weather-wise. The biggest story will be the increasing temperatures. Each day will be warmer than the last, building toward full summer heat. Humidity will also increase slightly each day as well. High on Saturday are looking to reach the upper 70s north to low 80s south.

Heading into the daytime Sunday, a large ridge over the central United States will begin to shift eastward, allowing warmer temperatures to spread into New England. Highs will shoot into the mid to upper 80s for most, Maine will remain in the upper 70s to low 80s as the ridge continues to shift eastward.

Labor Day itself could be the peak of the heat (or the start of it, at least). Highs will be looking to climb into the mid 80s to low 90s. This will be the warmest stretch of weather in over a month for much of New England. Many in New England haven't seen 90 degree temperatures since late July. Dew points climbing well into the 60s will also make it feel a bit warmer out there.

Skies will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy all three days. Daily sea breezes will help keep the beaches a touch cooler.


Tuesday and Wednesday will be very similar to each other (and very similar to the holiday weekend as well). Temperatures and humidity will likely remain elevated in the upper 80s and upper 60s respectively. Skies remain clear (except for some fair weather clouds) both days as the weather remains very calm.


This ridge of high pressure is currently looking to break down by Thursday (9/7) as a system may pass to New England's north. This would drag a cold front across the region, ending this bout of summery weather. It could also usher in some showers and storms, although there are currently no signals pointing toward a widespread rain event at this time.

GFS showing some cold front-related showers on Thursday:


Some models have begun to show signs of Tropical Storm Idalia getting pulled toward New England at the end of next week, if the storm is able to survive (which could be a challenge). How close the storm gets to Cape Cod, how strong it will be, how long it would linger around and how will it interact with other systems are all questions that will need to be answered. This is now looking out over a week and all sorts of options are on the table.

As of right now, most models currently have the system holding onto tropical storm strength through the next several days, albeit gradually weakening. The only thing that's known for sure, is that Idalia's future is looking very erratic.

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