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New England Weekend Weather (and beyond)

What was once looking like yet another stormy weekend in New England is now looking quite nice and very seasonable for our lovers of fall. There is little in the way of impactful weather for the region in both the short term and long term forecasts at this time.


On Saturday, a coastal storm will be suppressed to New England's south thanks to another area of low pressure to New England's north. Some showers will be possible across southernmost New England in the afternoon through the overnight from the coastal low. The low to the north will bring some showers to northernmost New England Saturday as well. In between will see a dry day, albeit with clouds building, particularly in the afternoon.

The day will be generally cooler than it has been, but this drop brings us close to seasonable for mid-October. Highs will range from the mid 50s to low 60s in southern New England and the low to upper 50s in northern New England.


Some lingering showers will be possible across the south coast Sunday morning, but the rest of the day, for the entire region, will be dry with cloudy skies slowly allowing some sun through in southern and central New England. Northern New England will likely hold onto overcast skies for the day. Quick showers will be possible across the higher terrain during the day.

Expected cloud cover Sunday afternoon:

Highs will again be seasonable with a fall chill in the breeze. Highs will range from the mid 50s to low 60s in southern New England and the low 50s to about 60 in northern New England.


Heading into next week, generally unsettled weather is expected for the first half as a blocking pattern takes hold. This pattern will support daily shower chances during the afternoon through at least mid-week. These showers would be similar to this past week, with quick, spotty showers disrupting an otherwise dry day.

Canadian model for Tuesday morning. This gives a great picture for what's expected at the start of next week with light, small showers scattered around during the daytime:

Outside of the showers, the days will likely feature more clouds and than sun with seasonable temperatures in the 50s and 60s. This pattern is similar to the one we were stuck in during most of June. The big difference now is that the cooler, cloudier weather is seasonable for the time of year.

Yesterday, we wrote about a potential coastal storm that models began showing for the middle of the week. Models were keeping the storm well offshore of New England yesterday, and continue to do so this morning. This would keep widespread, steady rainfall and stronger winds offshore. Being several days out, we'll need to keep watching the trends.

GFS showing the coastal low well offshore. This can and will change between now and mid-week. It's something to keep an eye on:

By the end of next week, the pattern looks to change as the trough over the east is replaced with a ridge. This would support drier, warmer and sunnier weather to close out next week. Exactly how this next week plays out needs to be ironed out in regards to the coastal storm mid-week and the pattern change late week, but next week is looking to be very seasonable for mid-October.



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