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New England Weekend Weather: Calm, but Chilly

After a damp, dreary and raw day on Thursday, conditions in New England will improve for the weekend, though it will remain very chilly. All-in-all, it's going to be a quiet and dry weekend for Veteran's day.


The system that is bringing a damp, dreary day to New England for Thursday will be pulling away by Friday, however, a cold front will drop into northern New England. This front will likely ignite some light rain/snow showers in the northern third of New England. The rest of the region will be dry, but mainly cloudy. The day will still have a raw feel with temperatures generally remaining in the 40s for most to around 50 for southern areas. With a gusty wind, it will feel quite chilly.


After the frontal passage, high pressure builds back into New England, allowing for drier weather and more sunshine region-wide. The main story Saturday will be the cold temperatures. With the front behind the region, and the high pressure set up to our west, it will allow cold air to pour in from Canada. Highs will be in the 40s in southern New England with the 30s in northern New England. Some higher elevation areas of northern New England may struggle to break past freezing. This is a good 10-15 degrees below average.

Saturday afternoon temperatures:


Sunday is basically a repeat of Saturday with high pressure remaining in control. With high pressure and calm conditions in place, it will lead to cold overnight lows, with most of New England dropping down into the 20s for morning lows with some teens possible in northern areas. These cold mornings will be around for Sunday and Monday mornings.

Sunday morning low temperatures:



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