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New England Weekend Weather: Stormy, But Also Dry Times

It needs to be emphasized right off the bat that the downpours and thunderstorms will be scattered throughout the weekend. The overall setup is unlikely to lead to an all day rain event. Many areas will see plenty of dry times and some peaks of sun will be possible between the storms.


As of Saturday morning, an expected shield of rain is currently moving through southern New England. This rain shield is moving a bit slower than anticipated, but it is moving south to north through the region. The slower motion means Saturday afternoon will not clear out as quickly as anticipated. Southern New England is still looking at a mainly dry afternoon with isolated showers hanging around.

Radar as of 9:30am Saturday:

Northern New England is the opposite. The morning will be mainly dry (with isolated showers around) with a wet afternoon expected. Rain in northern areas will persist into the night while southern New England will see any lingering showers die off after sunset.

The White and Green mountains will likely see the most rain today. Upwards of 1-2 inches of rain will be possible. This is where flood advisories are most likely to be posted this afternoon and evening.


Sunday will start with thick clouds in the morning, but only isolated showers are expected in the morning. Clouds will likely break up heading into mid-morning to early afternoon. Thunderstorms will begin to erupt in the early afternoon and last through the evening. Storms will be the most numerous across interior areas of northern New England, minus far northern areas.

Expected weather at 2pm Sunday showing thunderstorms popping across New England, mainly north and west:

In southern New England, storms will be more prevalent in western areas. There will be storms in eastern areas, but the overall number of storms will likely be less. The main threat with the storms will be torrential rainfall given the moisture-rich air. Isolated flooding will be an issue for spots on Sunday.

Looking beyond the weekend, another cut off low will very slowly move across the Great Lakes (so slow, it actually looks like it will be quasi-stationary for much of the week). This will lead to the entire upcoming week being similar to this weekend. Flooding will be a concern as the week progresses. The Weather Prediction Center has parts of New England in the "marginal" risk for excessive rainfall from Saturday through at least Wednesday (five days is as far as the outlook goes).



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