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Seasonable Week Ahead, Storm Incoming Thursday

This beginning of this week will be very different from last week. It's going to be mainly dry across the region. There could be some very light precipitation across southern New England Monday morning and some elevation based snow showers Monday night in the mountains.

Temperatures will hang right around where you would expect them in early January, with 20s and 30s in northern New England and 30s and 40s in southern New England through Wednesday.

Another storm begins to arrive during the day on Thursday. The storm looks to ramp up to it's peak on Thursday night into Friday morning. This will be a rather long duration storm as it takes all day Saturday to wind down.

The storm's track will be similar to other storms we have seen this winter. The track will take the center of the storm over Pennsylvania and New York and then into Canada. This inland track allows for warmer air to stream right into New England, which means this will be another rainmaker for nearly the entire region.

Temps will surge into the 50s on Friday in southern New England and the 40s in northern New England. The storm could start and end as a little snow across northern New England and will be rain from start to end in southern New England. This storm will be soaking as a widespread half an inch to an inch of rain is possible.

Winds during the storm will not be too much of an issue. Gusty winds are possible, but they should not reach the threshold for any kind of damage. A full update on this storm is coming tonight, with full coverage all week long, so stay tuned to NESC for the latest.



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