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Showers, Some Thunderstorms Possible This Afternoon and Evening in New England

After a sunny and dry start to the day, a quick hitting system will zip through New England this afternoon and into the overnight hours. This will bring a period of showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two across portions of southwestern New England. The showers will move in by mid afternoon and push eastward during the evening. It won't be raining all afternoon and evening, just scattered activity around.

Expected weather Sunday mid-afternoon (1st image) and Sunday evening (2nd image):

Some showers will have a chance to become briefly heavier, but these won't last too long. Heading toward the evening, the coverage of showers will be the greatest. This is also when some thunderstorms may develop, mainly across western Massachusetts and Connecticut. The areas will have the greatest chance to get into the system's warm sector. This zone is where thunderstorm activity is most likely.

The overall thunderstorm potential is looking limited in New England at this time, but the ingredients are there across southern New England for some storms to fire on (dew points climbing toward the upper 40s, steeper lapse rates). The greater chance for thunderstorms, and potentially severe storms, will be just to New England's west across Pennsylvania and New York. Still, with southwestern areas getting into the warm sector, a stray stronger storm could spill into western Massachusetts or Connecticut.

The Storm Prediction Center does have this portion of New England in the "marginal" category (level 1 of 5) for severe storms this evening. The Center also has the chance for general thunderstorms across all of southern and central New England, but this is an isolated chance, with chances dropping off the farther north and east you go.

Storm Prediction Center thunderstorm outlook for this evening:

All of this will clear out in time for Marathon Monday, which is looking dry, mild and quiet weather-wise. It will be a bit warm for runners, but it will be a perfect day for spectators. The rest of the week is looking rather quiet with no high-impact storms. A system will likely bring more unsettled weather back into the region heading toward the end of the week as a cold front crosses the region.

Weather map for Thursday:



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