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Two Storms to Create Multiple Rainy Days for New England

As I stated in yesterday's forecast, there was a myriad of possibilities with the set up for this upcoming weekend into early next week. A coastal storm is still looking to track up the coast for Sunday evening into Monday, but the low pressure over the Great Lakes will have an impact in New England for Saturday and Saturday night. Here's a look at what's happening.


A cutoff low will meander around the Great Lakes. As it does so, it will drag an associated front across New England. An area of low pressure will likely develop in southern New England in response to this front and bring New England a nice dousing of rain for Saturday afternoon and night minus much of Maine. A widespread quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain is possible with this system.

SATURDAY: Rain, showers across New England except for Maine


A warm front associated with the area of low pressure that developed in southern New England will likely stick around through Sunday (although this won't lead to temperatures all that high; it will be a bit warmer than Saturday). Much of New England will get a brief break from steady rain on Sunday with scattered showers around in southern New England, Vermont and New Hampshire. Maine will see a steadier rain Sunday as the system from Saturday continues to push eastward. In a turnaround from yesterday, it looks like Sunday will be drier than Saturday for much of New England (again, except for Maine).

Sunday night will likely see the arrival of the coastal storm that I wrote about yesterday. As I expected yesterday, the track of this storm has shifted a bit further east. Now the center is looking to run over Cape Cod instead of western Connecticut.

SUNDAY: Light showers across most of New England; steadier rain in Maine


Monday is looking to see the bulk of the impacts from this coastal storm. This storm will interact with the area of low pressure of the Great Lakes (yes, that cutoff low is still hanging around on Monday). The cutoff low over the Lakes and the incoming coastal low will give New England yet another decent dousing of rain. Another 1-3 inches of rain is possible across much of New England between these two systems. Gusty winds will also be possible on Monday with gusts upwards of 30-45 mph possible.

MONDAY: Coastal low tracking near Cape Cod, steady rain, gusty winds


That cutoff low over the Great Lakes will be a nuisance for a while. That low will very slowly push eastward over New England throughout next week. This will lead to another week similar to what we are seeing this week with cool, some clouds, some sun and scattered showers. The omega blocking pattern will also return for next week after a brief breakdown this weekend.



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