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Weak Disturbance to Bring Light Snow to Northern New England Next Two Days

After two weeks with two big storms striking New England, the region is entering a quieter stretch to bring 2022 to an end and start 2023. That does not mean, however, that the region will be staying completely dry.

Northern New England will be cloudy over the next two days, with on and off snow showers stretching across ski country. These snow showers will remain very light with total accumulations of a dusting to an isolated inch or two. This weather will provide some very nice ambiance for skiing during the all important week between Christmas and New Year's.

Speaking of skiing, as stated above, this week will feature optimal weather for hitting the slopes. Major resorts such as Killington, Bretton Woods and Sugarloaf are all planning on expanding offerings this week with cold temps allowing for continued snowmaking. Killington has opened nearly 75% of trails.

Some not so great weather for skiing is coming by the end of the week, with temps spiking into the 50s near 60 in southern New England and the 40s into Northern New England by New Year's weekend. This temp spike will come with rain showers across the region.

As of now, the storm coming through on New Year's Eve is looking increasingly likely that it will be a weaker system, with steady rain in southern New England and just some showers in northern New England. If the track shifts, this forecast will change, so stay tuned. It does look like a wet midnight on New Year's Day for most of the region with a quarter to a half an inch of rain possible from Hartford, CT through southern New Hampshire and Vermont.



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