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Weak Storm to Bring Snow to New England Friday

Another day, another disturbance. With colder air in place for tomorrow, snowfall will be more widespread than it has been during this parade of storms over the past couple weeks. Snow will be seen across much of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. The system will bring all rain to most of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Cape Cod.

The system will likely begin as snow in eastern Massachusetts Friday morning, but slowly switch over to some snow. The event will be snow from beginning to end for the rest of the region. Despite colder temps occurring Friday than what we have seen recently, it will not be all that cold. Temps will hover around the mid to upper 30s for southern New England. This means the snow will be heavily waterlogged. It's the kind of snow that compact very easily, sticks to everything and is heavy to shovel.

The good news is that this is a very weak system. The snow will fall steadily, but it will not come down at intense rates at any time, which will keep the total snowfall across the region to a minimal level. There will be a widespread 1-2 inches across central Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire. A spot three inches is possible in this area, especially in the Worcester Hills. A winter weather advisory is in effect for central Massachusetts until 7pm Friday.

Heading north, a spot three inches is also possible across southern New Hampshire and Maine. The rest of northern New England will see a widespread dusting to two inches. Naturally, higher amounts are expected in the higher elevations of the White Mountains. Southern and eastern Vermont will see similar totals, with one to two inches expected, with less in other areas of the state.

After this disturbance, it appears that the region will get at least a small break from the parade of systems. The sun might even make an appearance this weekend!



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