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Weather Pattern Shift for New England to Bring Very Nice Weather

It's been a rather unsettled week for New England with rain chances having occurred somewhere in the region every day for the past week. This came as New England had been entrenched in a trough since Monday. Yesterday, the final disturbance swung through this trough, bringing a soaking to southern and central New England.

As this weekend approaches, the trough will be sliding to the east of New England with a ridge of high pressure taking over for New England's weather. This will bring nearly perfect weather for this weekend. Friday acts as a transition day from the trough to the ridge. This transition will allow scattered showers to move through eastern Maine this afternoon as the trough continues to push eastward. For everyone else, Friday is the beginning of a dry and overall very quiet stretch.

The only wrinkle (and it's a very small wrinkle) in this dry stretch will be a weak disturbance moving eastward Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. The high pressure that will be in place for New England is expected to steer most showers away from New England during this time frame. Despite that, some quick, light showers are possible Sunday night and there will be more clouds around during the daytime Sunday than there will be on Saturday.

Other than Sunday night, dry, partly cloudy to mostly sunny weather will dominate as the ridge of high pressure holds through at least midweek. This will bring temperatures generally expected in early June with highs ranging from the mid 70s north and along the coast to the low 80s inland, especially in the valleys. An easterly flow will promote sea breezes, keeping the coast cooler during this stretch.

The orientation of the high pressure will prevent a seep, southerly flow. This will aid in keeping humidity levels down during this stretch as well. While dew points will rise going into next week, they are looking to remain below summer-like levels. Friday and Saturday, in particular, will be dry with dew points in the 40s with some upper 30s in the north.

All ridges (and troughs for that matter) must eventually break down, and this one looks to do that heading toward the end of next week. This breakdown will come as an area of low pressure marches across the northern United States and into Canada, likely passing north of New England. This will represent the next widespread precipitation chance. Naturally being a week out, timing is fuzzy, but chances for showers go up on Thursday.

The low is currently expected to begin to break down as it passes north of New England. Depending on how this plays out, along with the upper level pattern, this could delay the breakdown of the ridge and therefore delay the arrival of precipitation. Either way, enjoy the quiet, seasonable weather for the next six days or so.

Weather map for late next week:



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