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Wet Week Ahead, Winter Returns Thursday

After a mild and nice stretch of weather to end 2022 and and begin 2023, unsettled weather will return on Tuesday. While the above average temperatures will continue through Wednesday, the weather will turn unpleasant. A stationary warm front will arrive on Tuesday and soak the entire region. Only the high elevations of Maine and New Hampshire may see a mix and some snow. For the rest of the region, a widespread quarter of an inch of rain is possible.

The rain will end by Tuesday night, but it will not stay away for very long. By Wednesday afternoon, the rain returns to the entire region once again for another round of soaking. Wednesday will be the warm day of the week and the grand finale of this particular warm spell with temps shooting into the 60s in places with much above average temps across the entire region.

The rain will continue through the night Wednesday with the unsettled weather persisting through Thursday. Temps will crash back to reality Wednesday night and they will not rise much on Thursday. The unsettled weather on Thursday will be a mix of winter precipitation on Thursday as winter returns from vacation. Precipitation may end as a little snow Thursday night across most of the region.

The very active weather pattern New England is currently trapped in will continue as a potential coastal storm develops on Friday. We will be monitoring this potential storm throughout the week as it could end New England's streak of mild, rainy storms.

Temperatures will remain around average after Wednesday with no major warm ups or arctic blasts currently in the forecast. The pattern currently does not show signs of breaking out of the overall active, stormy pattern at this time. Whether the storms remain overall warm and rainy or turn colder and bring snow back to the region remains to be seen.



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