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New Storm to Bring Snow to Northern New England

Enjoy the precipitation free days while they are here because our next storm is on the way. This storm has more snow in store for the region than what we've been getting so far this winter.

While much of southern New England is staring at yet another winter rainstorm, northern New England will be looking at a good old fashioned snowstorm, which should be a welcome change in Maine after the slop that fell earlier this week.

The storm center is looking to track through New England. This is a change from recent storms that tracked to the north of the region. When a storm tracks to the north, it allows warmer air from the south to enter the region, keeping precipitation mainly rain.

With this storm tracking straight through New England, it will allow a snowstorm to develop...for northern New England. Southern New England will remain on the "warm side" of the storm. The low pressure will likely split, with a secondary low tracking offshore.

This storm will bring a plowable snow to most of the north. This storm is very unlikely to bring a substantial amount of snow, but there will be enough to cover roads, break out the plows and hear the hum of snow blowers in the evening. With the current forecast, there will likely be a winter storm watch issued later this week for most of Vermont and New Hampshire.

At present, snowfall amounts look to drop off as you head into Maine, with the western part of the state seeing the most snow and amounts tapering off as you head east.


This storm will likely have a strip of rain and snow mixed. This strip will likely setup over Massachusetts. The NWS states:

"...the concern Thursday evening revolves around a winter mix of sleet/freezing rain for those locations along the northern border of Vermont/New Hampshire. While temperatures aloft are above freezing, producing rain, the temperatures at the surface are likely to be 30F to 33F for areas generally at or greater than 1,000 feet."

Northern Massachusetts may see a winter weather advisory posted later this week. Further south, into Connecticut, Rhode Island and Cape Cod, this will be a rain event.



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